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Our selection of Charter Arms for sale includes a full lineup of lightweight, premium charter arms revolvers available at a value-driven price. Founded in 1964, this company manufactures handguns with a simplistic design for ease of use in any situation. The Charter Arms revolver has the look and feel of a large-framed gun, in a small, lightweight, and easy to conceal package. Not only are Charter Arms revolvers carefully made with only the finest materials that one can find, but also, they are safe, reliable, and guaranteed to bring you the joy and satisfaction you experience from gun ownership. The gun experts at IFA Tactical can not only educate you on gun ownership and the history of Charter Arms revolvers, but also, the IFA Tactical staff can help you choose a gun that meets your needs. These wheel guns are made with pride in the USA and feature stainless steel or aluminum construction, an ergonomic finger grooved grip, a stainless-steel barrel, cylinder, and transfer bar, and fixed sights ready to take aim and fire. For a point and shoot handgun ideal for self-defense, this lineup of American made Charter Arms revolvers are a top choice for both men and women shooters.

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The seven-shot PROFESSIONAL revolver is chambered in .32 H&R Magnum and is billed as “a true fighting handgun.” Eschewing polymer, Connecticut-based Charter Arms has engineered their newest revolver to tip the scales at 22-ounces, unloaded, while still sporting contoured walnut grips as well as a stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel. The metal surfaces are coated in a Blacknitride+™ process characterized as “indestructible” by the company. Like several new revolvers pitched for the concealed carry market, the PROFESSIONAL uses a 3-inch barrel with a full underlug. However, the choice of caliber for the new gun is relatively uncommon. While Ruger currently makes a .32 H&R revolver, it is a New Model Single-Six, styled more for cowboy action shooting than every day carry. Smith & Wesson produced the Model 432 and 631 in the light .32 Mag but both of those revolvers have been out of production for some time and can be hard to find.

“The .32 H&R Magnum caliber has always been an underrated caliber that’s ideal for concealed carry and well-suited for the range,” said Charter Arms President Nick Ecker in a statement. The company reportedly worked with the staff of Concealed Carry Magazine to help develop the PROFESSIONAL. “This is a true fighting revolver,” said Kevin Michalowski, the publication’s executive editor. “I could not be happier working with Nick Ecker and the entire team at Charter Arms to see this project come to life.” The revolver, which includes a Green LitePipe front sight, is set to retail for $438. It will be unveiled at the 2019 Concealed Carry Expo on May 17-19 held in Pittsburgh.

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